Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You smell kinda pretty. Wanna smell me?

So I met a guy Friday night that has less game than Johnny Bravo. For those of you that don't remember the show or didn't even know it existed that's some pretty bad game.

It's Friday night, I'm out with friends and I've been drinking. I end up making best friends with the DJ. I get him to play every song that my group requests. I dance with people I know and don't know out on the dance floor and have a blast. Towards the end of the night I decide that I am going to make friends with the three single guys sitting at the bar. This is where the fun starts. I would stand there and talk to said boys for 5-10 minutes and then go back to my friends and complain about what big losers they were. Laugh it up and go right back for some more punishment.

There was one in particular that I befriended and we'll call him Pretty Pretty. Now why you ask did I choose to dub him Pretty Pretty? Because of a text message that I ended up sending him after we left the bar (which I'll get to later). Apparantly I got all three of their numbers and at first thought that I had given out one of my besties number in return (didn't happen, sigh of relief). Anyways PP starts texting me as soon as we leave the bar. I get all kinds of the same message. "Ur so hot" "Ur so cute" This of course is starting to inflate my head just a bit and my less than sober self is debating how best to respond. I end up sending this little gem, "Thank you. You're pretty pretty yourself." I read this the next morning and wanted to die! "You're pretty pretty yourself." Seriously? OMG. Now I'm never going to hear from PP again.

Turns out that PP doesn't mind me telling him that he is pretty. I get a whole bunch of messages asking when we are going to see each other for real and he keeps telling me how hot I am. My favorite message from him has to be "yeah right...as if u dnt hear this often...u know u r hot...get over it" Seriously. I don't hear it all the time. I especially don't hear it often enough for me to not to have just a little ego boost. He sends me a picture just in case I didn't remember what he looked like. Boy is ripped. In the pics that he sent me it almost looks like he has bigger pecs than I do (hard to believe). ;)

It's now Tuesday and he is still bugging me about going out for real. I told him that most nights are good for me after I'm done at the gym and he still hasn't gotten the hint. All he has to do is say "Let's go out x night and do x." Be decisive, make a decision, and when you do let me in on it.

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