Friday, April 18, 2008

Dating. Ur doin it wrong.

Here we go again.

At this point Pretty Pretty and I have only spoken and seen each other once in person (the night we met) and have been having a textual relationship thus far. I don't mind texting, really. But I do like having real conversations with people and even seeing them from time to time. PP says that he wants to do something for real and when I tell him to pick a day I don't hear from him from two again. Whatever.

So PP finally got back to me and we made plans for last Tuesday night. I picked the day and the time, the least he could do is pick a place right? I think that should be easy, even for a meat head like him. Boy was I wrong. I waited all day to hear from him on a place to meet. I kinda knew that this was going to happen so I had made other plans just in case. Glad that I did. So Wednesday rolls around and I get yet another text from PP asking me what happened to Tuesday night. Seriously? All you had to do was pick a place. That's it. I'm starting to get really angry and I want to tell him to lose my number when he plans yet another date for Thursday night.

ARGH! This kid is stupid. You have not bothered to make solid plans once yet. Why should I expect anything different this time. But I tell him sure. My favorite quote right now is "I don't love you. I'm just passing the time." This fits great with my current dating attitude. So we make plans for last Thursday night and of course I make back up plans. I know that I'm going to need them. I know this guys MO now. He will not catch me by surprise. Once again I get blown off. No message, nothing. Whatever jerkface. I'm so done. I delete his number and make my plans for the weekend.

So Friday night I'm out with my sister and her boyfriend when I get a call from a Florida area code. WTF? I know of one person with a FL area code and if he is even calling me then he has got some chutzpah. I answer the phone and say hello. It's kinda loud and I can't hear anything on the other end. After 15 seconds I hang up. They never call back and I forget about it.

This morning I wake up and look at my phone. One new text. I open it up and just start laughing. It's from Pretty Pretty. His name didn't show up (like I said I deleted his number) but who else would say to me "what up babe been a minute...i just got back from florida"? No shit it's been a minute. It's been a whole bunch of them. Then it dawned on me that he quite possible could have been the one calling me from FL. I'm really glad that I am able to have such a great sense of humor about this. I know that it might possibly drive someone else crazy.

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Kristin Marie said...

hey there! new to blogger and came across your site. too funny! and i love the icanhascheezburger reference! anyway, mind if I link you on my blog?